Community Guidelines


Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines
Effective OCTOBER 15, 2021

Welcome to our Sunflower Academy online forum.  Our mission is to inspire and model critical thinking for business.  Our on-line community reflects values around critical thinking: data-based decisions, civil discourse, servant leadership, and courage.  Our goal is that your conversations and questions in these forums help guide your own critical thinking process—in business and life.

Any good community needs guidelines to make sure the online forums stay within our mission.   Here are ours.  Our moderators may exercise discretion in removing offensive content that does not comply with the spirit of these guidelines.  Frequent offenders may be banned from the forum as well as the website.

1. Respect

If anyone posts an article, comment, or opinion and you disagree strongly, that’s ok. We can agree to disagree.  But we cannot condone jerks, rudeness, vulgarity as part of any conversation about any topic or person. We will delete any such posts and may prohibit your participation if one infraction warrants. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any harassment of any member.

2. No Doxxing

When everyone respects everyone else’s opinions (see #1), this should go without saying, but we will say it anyway.  Do not use our forums to publish personal information about anyone else.

3. Confidentiality

Different forums have different levels of expectations about confidentiality. If you have already signed a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”) of any kind with any person or company, we expect you will honor your NDA obligations while on our site and will not disclose any privileged or confidential information that is not yours to share.  Be mindful of what company information you choose to share online.  Before you may participate in some forums, we require you to agree to higher standards of confidentiality so that you promise to not share any information you learn inside a forum.   Even though we expect everyone to honor the confidential nature of anyone’s business strategy or other such information on these forums, please be mindful of what you are posting.

4. Business

We are not an advertising platform.  Unsolicited promotions about a product or service are treated as spam and deleted.

5. Legal

If you’re reading this, you already agreed to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.  These guidelines incorporate all of those terms and conditions.

6. All for One and One for All

Our moderators are interested and interesting persons dedicated to keeping our forums productive and informative.  If a comment or post fails to meet our Community Guidelines or general expectations of decorum, our moderators are authorized to exercise their sole discretion to take any necessary action to preserve the integrity of our forums.