Exercise 3/6


Now that you have reviewed the Team and identified its Core Competency, how do you put that knowledge to best use? What types of products or services are best addressed by the Core Competency? Which of those products or services is your Team most capable of delivering?

In the Sunflower Model®, the Team and Core Competency are the center of the flower while the products and services are the petals. The Core Competency and the Team are the foundation for moving forward in ideating product or service development. Compile a list of the existing or planned products or services then organize the list by those which align with the Core Competency and the Team is best qualified to deliver then those which could be delivered with additional Team members or supporting staff / providers. Anything which does not meet either criteria should be excluded.

When Ideating which are the best products or services to offer, it is more vital first to make sure your offering aligns with the Team and Core Competency than to confirm there is a viable market for it. Mediocrity breeds failure while excellence promotes success. Select the product or service you can provide as the “Best in Class” in an un- or under-served market then consider which offer the best prospects for future market expansion. Products that can be applied to other markets or applied in different ways with minimal additional effort have the best prospects. But be wary of products or services which appear to be low hanging fruit or easier points of entry as it is likely you are not alone in that realization.

Exceptional products or services do not just happen. They are the result of a combination of expertise and hard work. If taking ideated products or services to market success were easy and simple, everyone would be entrepreneurs.