King Of Exercise

Exercise 6/6

King Of

Now that you have assembled the Team, determined its Core Competencies, Ideated the products or services, used the Decision Matrix to validate the value proposition and verified customer interest with a Walkabout, where is the next goal? How do you capture or increase market share such that you become the King Of a market? What is the market you can become King Of? Is there currently a King Of that market? How does your offering compare? What will it take to dethrone the current King Of the market?

Netflix is a highly successful market leader in the customer viewing experience providing general viewing content which includes comedy, documentaries, drama, sports and more. Whether they are the King Of the entire customer viewing experience market is arguable with the 2019 entry of Disney and its massive content library, plus its continuous development of new content. However, it is easy to argue that ESPN is the King Of the customer viewing experience in the field of Live Sports and Sports Information. While ESPN entered the streaming market well after Netflix, it focused on its Core Competency in the field of Sports to become the King Of that market segment.

The King Of goal for your company does not need to be as ambitious as becoming another Netflix, Disney or even ESPN and it is not something which will happen overnight. It can initially be in a small market or regional market and grow from there increasing the kingdom as the mastery of ruling is learned. Becoming King Of anything requires not only the ability to aspire to such heights but also the expertise to grow with the role and retain the crown. King Of is not a marketing target as much as an overall operational focus.