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When you become a member of the Sunflower Academy, you’re joining a group of like minds. Everyone here is focused on smarter ways to do business and reach new levels of growth. What you learn isn’t based on guesswork, it’s proven in the real business world.

Who should become a member of the Sunflower Academy? Anyone with a business interest. It could center around marketing, product launches, finances, capability gaps, acquisition, expansion, legal issues and anything else business related. 

It’s the ideal way to learn and expand your knowledge base using the guidance and insight of other business professionals like yourself. You could be a Fortune 500 executive focused on a product launch, an entrepreneur trying to enter a new marketplace or even a professor heading up an MBA program as well as your students in those programs. 

You’re why we created the Sunflower Academy business community. So become a member today and your smart business decisions can become smarter ones.

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