Exercise 5/6


Does the market need your product or service? Is the problem being solved critical enough to justify changing the way it is currently managed? Are you solving the problem in the best manner? Have you overlooked any issues which negatively impact the value proposition offered?

Once you have assembled your Team, identified its Core Competencies, Ideated the best products or services to develop and used the Decision Matrix to document the value proposition, now it is time to go on Walkabout to test your hypothesis. Just as Australian Aborigines consider a Walkabouts to be a ritual of discovery, it is time to explore the market to discover if the assumptions you have made are indeed accurate and whether there truly is a market for the products or services you offer. The key is to identify and reach out to industry leaders in your target customer market to present your solution and get their feedback, as well as gauge their interest in becoming an early adopter. In many cases, they may have a different perspective of the problem or whether it even is a problem in their mind. And they are likely to find issues with how you address the problem, feedback which can help you provide a better solution.

The key is to connect with as many target customers as possible and to listen to them. Walkabout is for discovery, not sales or evangelizing your position. Let them tell you what their problems are, how they would like to see them fixed and what it would be worth to them to have such a solution. If you listen well and use the information gathered to develop the product or services, you should be able to present them to those who provided the feedback and anticipate their interest in evaluating it or even placing the first order.

This is a crucial step in the Sunflower Model® as everything leading up to this point has all been based upon supposition and speculation.